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Energy Resources: Energy & Consumers

This guide originally created by Rick Keogh provides information on energy resources. Primary emphasis is the United States, with some global resources.

Recommended Books

Articles & Databases

The resources below will assist you in researching ways to conserve energy and "live green".

Common Leaks at Home

Other Useful Resources

Links to sites for other useful information on what consumers can do to practice energy conservation and a sustainable lifestyle.

Videos on Energy & Consumers

These Films on Demand videos touch on various aspects of consumers and energy use .  To access them, type the titles below in the searchbox in the upper right hand corner.

  • "Air Sealing and Insulating: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects"
  • "Conducting a Home Energy Audit: Residential Energy Efficiency"Projects"
  • "Curbing Electricity Use in Buildings"
  • "Energy Efficiency in the Home"
  • "Installing a Solar Electric System: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects"
  • "Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects"

Additional videos may be located using keyword searching.