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Faculty Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation

This guide provides information about the Faculty Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation and sponsored programming.

Faculty Center for Academic Excellence & Innovation

In alignment with 2017: The Centennial Plan, the Faculty Center for Academic Excellence & Innovation has been established to advance JWU’s culture of educational excellence by offering programs that support faculty work and career development.

Our Purpose

The Faculty Center serves as the vibrant hub of professional development for all JWU faculty.

By offering a diverse menu of programs, workshops and other opportunities, the Faculty Center helps faculty advance their academic careers, strengthen collaborative relationships with colleagues, enhance student engagement, and sustain their academic vitality at the university.

Our Programs

Programs focus on thematic areas central to academic work, including:

  • Teaching & Learning: Focused, interactive, application-based sessions on specific teaching and learning topics that have immediate and direct applicability to faculty work
  • Scholarship: Programs that assist faculty in moving their teaching to publication or presentation through sequential, hands-on sessions with teacher-scholar peers
  • Career Advancement & Leadership Development: Integrated programming to help faculty navigate the promotion process, prepare their dossiers for promotion, as well as enhance their leadership skills
  • Mentoring: Collaborative relationships that support the professional career needs of faculty at all stages of their careers

Based at JWU’s Providence Campus, the Faculty Center also has offices on our North Miami, Denver and Charlotte campuses to provide parallel professional development to faculty there.