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JWU Library for Alumni: Program Description

Information about library resources and services for Johnson & Wales University alumni

COVID-19 Update

JWU alumni who have preregistered with JWU Alumni Services and obtained a JWU alumni ID card from Student Academic Services are welcome to visit JWU Library

Getting Started

Step 1. Register with Alumni Services (REQUIRED)

Step 2. Visit Student Services (274 Pine Street) to obtain an Alumni ID  

Step 3. Contact JWU Library to activate an alumni library account


​Downcity Library 

  • Collections supporting research in Business, Engineering & Design, Hospitality, and Liberal Studies
  •  85K+ books; 100+ journal subscriptions
  • 65+ research databases providing full-text access to journal articles, e-books, images, and streamed videos

Harborside Library 

  • Collections supporting research in Culinary Arts, Nutrition, and Education
  • 35K+ books; 50+ journal subscriptions
  • 65+ research databases providing full-text access to journal articles, e-books, images, and streamed videos
  • 2000+ Restaurant menus from around the world

Library Resources & Services


Alumni may borrow circulating JWU Library materials for 28 days, with 2 renewal periods

Renewing Borrowed Materials

Alumni may renew by calling JWU Library Access Services at (401) 598-1121 or (401) 598-1466.

Overdue Items

Alumni will be billed for any items not returned to JWU Library in a timely manner

HELIN Libraries

Currently, JWU alumni do not have borrowing privileges at HELIN Libraries unless they have a direct affiliation with any of the participating HELIN institutions (CCRI, Providence College, Rhode Island College, Roger Williams University, Salve Regina University, Wheaton College)

JWU librarians are happy to assist alumni in determining best options for obtaining desired information resources, and if available only at a HLELIN library are happy to makes special requests on behalf of alumni in good standing who are registered with JWU Alumni Services.

Interlibrary Loan

JWU Library will obtain no-cost, non-returnable items for alumni through interlibrary loan (ILL). Non-returnable items are generally limited to journal articles or book chapters which can be shared in digital format. Once obtained by JWU Library the loaned item is forwarded to alumni via e-mail. Such items do not need to be returned. JWU Library does not provide ILL to alumni for returnable items such as print books or DVDs. For more information, e-mail the interlibrary loan librarian

Chat (Instant Message Help)

Other Databases

Q: Why don't alumni have off-campus access to the rest of the library databases?

A: In most cases, licensing restrictions limit off-campus access to current students and staff.only.