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Recognizing Predatory Journals and Conferences

A guide to educate JWU faculty, students and staff about journals and conferences that employ deceptive practices for unmerited financial or reputational gain. Originally created by Pieta Eklund, and reproduced / edited with permission

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Library Staff Directory

For phone extensions, dial 401-598 + ext

University Library, Downcity Campus Service Desk (ext 1121)


Dean of Libraries: Rosita Hopper, D.A. ext 1145


Acquisitions & Cataloging Librarian: Marilyn Jamgochian, ext 2782 or ext 2831

Access Services Coordinator: Lisa Helwig-Payne, ext 1408

Cataloging & Interlibrary Loan Librarian: Jo KNapp ext 1842

Night Attendant: Bill D' Arezzo, ext 2190 Academic year only

Director of Digital Resources & Services: David Meincke, ext 2466 Liaison for College of Engineering & Design

Reference & Instruction Services Librarian: Sarah Naomi Campbell, ext 5019  Liaison for John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

Reference Librarian: Jennifer Castel, ext 1887 Liaison for College of Business; College of Online Education

Reference Management Librarian:  Erika Gearing, ext 1053 Liaison for College of Health & Wellness

Harborside Library, Harborside Campus (ext 1466)

Chief Librarian: Lisa Spicola, ext 1282 Liaison for Dietetics and Applied Nutrition Program; Graduate Business Program

Reference Management Librarian: Meika Matook, ext 1283 Liaison for College of Hospitality Management 

Culinary Arts Museum, Harborside Campus (ext 2805)

Collections Manager: Erin Williams, ext 2876