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Library Resources for Faculty Research : Resources & Search Strategies

Google Scholar

Question: Why would you use Google Scholar?

Answer: Google Scholar identifies scholarly research materials from a broad range of subject areas. It can be a great place to begin your research and learn more about your topic. 


Google Scholar


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Citation Chasing is a way to retrace the research of the author you are reading. You want to answer two questions:

  • What is on their bibliography?
  • What research has the author been in conversation with?

When you are chasing down citations, you are looking for books, journal articles, chapters in edited books and other resources that were used as research in your source.

Forward Chasing: 

  • How do others use or further ideas from known source?
  • What other (newer) works have cited a selected (older) source as an outside resource?
  • Use Google Scholar to learn how many times a source has been cited by other authors.

Backward Chasing: 

  • What does the author see as relevant and important?
  • What outside resources has a selected source cited? 
  • Use the citation(s) in the References list to search for the corresponding full article(s).