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FSM 3001: Food Service Management Systems and Human Resource Applications: Trade Journals

Use this guide to find resources for FSM 3001, Food Service Management Systems.



Find 2 hospitality trade magazine articles. You may want to use one of these articles for your next assignment.

Print these articles. Be sure to collect all information needed for a properly formatted MLA Work Cited page.

Remember, you will be using a database format reference for your Works Cited page.

What is a Trade Journal?

  1. Topics include: industry trends, new products or techniques, and association news
  2. Contains job ads
  3. Authors are specialists in a certain field or industry
  4. Intended audience includes people in the industry or people seeking employment in the industry
  5. Articles give practical information to people in an industry
  6. Authors use jargon of the industry
  7. Also known as a "professional magazine"