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HOSP1015: Managing the Hotel Guest Experience: Mission/Core Values/SOPs

Use this guide to help you with your research project.

Core Values

Core Values are the beliefs or principles that help to guide a company's activities and performance.

Developing your organization's core values:

Examples of hotel core values:

Missions Statements

A Mission Statement is a concisely written statement that conveys an organization's values, purpose, and goals.

Examples: Mission Statements of Renowned Corporations and Fortune 500 Companies

Utilize the resources below to help you write a mission statement for the hotel that you design: 

Watch the video: How to write a great mission statement

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedure (SOP) is the operational structure that maintains quality, safety, and consistency for guests and staff.

Developing SOPs for your hotel:

Example of hotel SOPs:

Service Standards for Hotels

Service Standards are the behavioral and operational guidelines that employees follow when interacting with guests and fulfilling hotel procedures. 

Developing your hotel's service standards:

Examples of hotel service standards: