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Images & Copyright: Cases & Controversies

Use this guide to find images and information about intellectual property rights.

Lyrics & Copyright

Pretty Woman, walking down the street,

Pretty Woman, the kind I like to meet,

Pretty Woman, I don't believe you, you’re not the truth,

No one could look as good as you


–Lyrics to Roy Orbison and William Dees’s song, “Oh, Pretty Woman”


Pretty woman walkin’ down the street

Pretty woman girl you look so sweet

Pretty woman you bring me down to that knee

Pretty woman you make me wanna beg please

Oh, pretty woman

–Lyrics to 2 Live Crew’s song, “Pretty Woman”


Images & Copyright

Copyright Cases

Fairey, Shepard.  Hope Poster  (2007).  Private Collection.  Web.  Google Image Search.  March 25 2011.

Article from The Telegraph


The NBA vs. The NYT

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