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Industry Research: Industry Profiles

This guide was originally created by Rick Keogh

Suggested Search Terms

        Suggested Search Terms

For best results, search by specific industry:

  • Bed and breakfast accomodations
  • Defense industries
  • Electric industries
  • Energy industries
  • Financial services industry
  • Food service
  • High technology industries
  • Hospitality industry
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing industies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail trade
  • Service industries
  • Special events industry
  • Tourism, etc.

Industry Profiles

The resources below will assist you in researching many of America's industries.  Profiles include overviews, financial information, key statistics, competitive landscape, market share, historical background, forecasts/outlooks/trends. Also, you can obtain full-text research articles, which are frequently updated.

    Industry Ratios & Statistics

    What are NAICS & SIC?