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JWU Collaborative Learning Program (CLP): Welcome

Use this guide for general information about the Collaborative Learning Program at Johnson & Wales University, Providence.

JWU Quote

“We should teach a thing not for its own sake but as preparation for what lies beyond."

—Mary T. Wales, co-founder, Johnson & Wales University

Collaborative Learning Program Mission Statement

The Collaborative Learning Program at Johnson & Wales University provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning through relationships from both inside and outside the university. Students experience education and empowerment through an integrated learning community.

What is the Collaborative Learning Program?

The Collaborative Learning Program (CLP) is an exciting first-year learning community at Johnson & Wales University.  Select faculty members from the College of Business, College of Health & Wellness, College of Engineering & Design, and the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, work together with the University Library to provide an enhanced learning experience and to build community among students and faculty. CLP faculty model integrated learning by combining their expertise to coordinate studies, research projects, industry visits and service activities.  

The CLP is offered to a limited number of students who are specially enrolled in the CLP sections by Student Academic Services. Students selected for the CLP have the opportunity to work as a cohort under the sustained guidance of CLP faculty members from their first day of university study. Linking general education courses from the A&S Core experience with the students’ introductory major discipline courses, the CLP provides a pragmatic approach to learning by combining writing, research and communication skills with the theoretical fundamentals of the students’ major. The knowledge students develop in the CLP become the foundation for a solid education and help support both personal and professional success.

Benefits of the Collaborative Learning Program

  • Promotion of academic achievement, student involvement, integrated learning and intellectual development


  • Industry site visits and professional connections


  • Enhanced research opportunities and support


  • Membership in a community of teachers and learners devoted to excellence, experimentation, collaboration and the building of community


  • Enhanced advising, with opportunities for students to further develop a mentoring relationship with a major-specific faculty advisor


Collaborative Learning Program Contact

Aimee M. Dufresne

Assistant Dean

John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, JWU