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Market Research & B2B Marketing (Providence): Help with Simmons Brand Catalyst and SRDS (and Claritas 360)

Use this guide to find marketing information for your classes.

MRI+ and SRDS Help- Introduction

 Need help with two of our most popular market research databases, Simmons Brand Catalyst and SRDS (Claritas 360)? You've come to the right place! Take a look at the help docs below.

You can also chat or text with one of our on-duty librarians!  It's anonymous, free, and super fast!

Brand Catalyst Help

Brand Catalyst

  • "Predictive consumer segmentation and brand strategy tool": find out info about how likely a consumer is to purchase a brand, or engage in a behavior
  • Helps to define brand identity
  • If you are familiar with MRI+, Brand Catalyst is the "new" MRI+.

Please view the following tutorial to learn how to navigate Brand Catalyst (accessed through Simmons Insights)



Which Claritas 360 report do I use?

Try these online resources for learning more about your target segment!