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Links to library resources and open access resources providing news articles

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Be News Savvy

Check Your Facts

Have you found something on the Internet or in a publication and you're wondering if it's true? Check out these sites for further clarification.

Tips for Finding News

Social media

Great for breaking news and first-person accounts in real-time

  • Sometimes initial info later proven to be false or inaccurate; be aware of updated info, particularly before spreading news to others 

Consider reliability and credibility before using or sharing info

  • How was info posted? - Friend? News outlet that you follow?
  • How are claims supported? - Expert opinion? Academic research? 
  • How often was item "liked" or shared? By whom?

Aggregators (Google News, BuzzFeed,Yahoo)

Quick way to get a news update

Consider purpose and bias

  • Be aware of sponsored content - It's paid to be there.
  • May be customized to your search history or personal settings - Variety of sources and perspectives will be limited.


How do you know what to trust?

Learn more about a specific source: Media Bias Fact Check 

Click on this Source Bias Chart