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M.A.T. Candidate Handbook Cohort 2024: Resources/Policies

JWU Web Portals

These are the main web-based portals Johnson & Wales University uses to communicate and manage University information and business.

Email: It's the official way we communicate with you (check often).

Grad Planning System: The GPS lets you keep track of what courses you have taken, what courses you still need for graduation and helps you create a strategy to get you there. 

JWU Link: The University’s central web portal where you can connect with all the different systems utilized by the university, such as email, ulearn, and the Grad Planning System. You can also access things like grades, financial information, news, and so much more. A quick highlights tour can be found here.

Taskstream: The M.A.T. Program utilizes a data collection system called Taskstream. According to their roles in the program, students, faculty, clinical educators, university supervisors, and program administrative staff have the ability to upload assignments, submit evaluations, track student progress, create reports, and analyze data from admissions through graduation.

uLearn: This is the class management site where you can go for syllabi, assignments, and other course content.

uSucceed: uSucceed provides a simple and efficient way for people on campus to schedule time with one another; whether that time is face-to-face, over the phone, or even online.


Academic Success CenterThe Academic Success Center center is located on the 1st floor of the Friedman Center. The Center offers students online support, study skills sessions, workshops, writing support, and tutoring. Appointments can be made by stopping by the Center, calling, or online through uSucceed. Smarthinking, a free online tutoring service, is available as well. It can be accessed through JWU Link on the “Academics” tab, under “Tutoring/Homework”, select “Online 24/7: Smarthinking”. 
Academic Success Center Harborside            401-598-1485
Accessibility Services                                         401-598-4689

BookstoreThe Harborside Bookstore (401-598-1445) is located in the Wildcat Center here on the Harborside campus. Bookstore hours

Counseling, Health & Wellness- Represented by Health Services, Counseling Services, Health Education, and the Gender Equity Center, they provide inclusive, confidential, professional services to promote the well-being of the campus community.

Dining- Information about on campus dining, including dining venues and seasonal hours of operations.

Help Desk (IT)- Get information about computer labs, printing, WiFi, OneDrive, student discounts, and help with login issues here.

JWU Alerts- The JWU Alerts page is where you can find out how to update your personal contact information, find relevant alerts about cancellations, delays, emergencies, inclement weather, and more should an incident (natural or man-made) occur on or near campus.

LibraryThe JWU Harborside library is located on the 1st floor of the Friedman Center. Your library ID number can be found on the Academics tab of your JWU Link.  

Safety & Security- The Providence Campus Safety & Security website. 

Student Academic Services- SAS offers a variety of services to help you prepare for graduation. These include maintaining your official academic records, providing academic counselors/advisors to assist with your academic planning, and providing support for course registration. To contact a graduate student academic counselor call (401-598-1088), email, or visit SAS on the 1st floor of the Friedman Center. 

Student Financial Services- SFS offers a variety of services to students when financing their higher education at JWU. JWU provides each student with a financial planning representative. To contact a financial aid and planning officer for the Graduate Programs call (401-598-1236) or visit SFS located on the 1st floor of the Friedman Center. 


M.A.T. students are subject to the Johnson & Wales University Student Handbook. Students should review the Handbook, including the following policies:

Academic Integrity- Please note that violation of Academic Integrity includes, but is not limited to, any form of cheating, unauthorized collaboration, and plagiarism. “Plagiarism” includes not only presenting the work of another as your own, but also the re-submission of your own work for course credit when that same work has already been submitted for credit in a previous course. Papers are subject to review at The University policy for Academic Integrity can be found here.

Attendance- Dependability and punctuality are key dispositional indicators for teacher candidates and are assessed in dispositions. Class attendance is mandatory. It is expected that students will attend each class and will be fully engaged with the subject matter and be collaborative members of the learning community. There are instances, however, when students cannot attend for reasons beyond their control. In those instances, the professor is to be informed as soon as possible and the student should make arrangements to complete all make-up assignments/work. The MAT program is not equipped to conduct classes that are partially virtual and partially in-person. Absences and/or repeated tardiness will have an impact on the course grade and may have a negative effect on progress toward program completion and/or recommendation for certification. 

BCI- The M.A.T. Program requires all students to complete fieldwork and student teaching in elementary and secondary schools. Therefore, in order to comply with school district regulations, candidates need a Criminal Background Check to begin their assignments in the schools. BCI Information and forms can be found below.

Conduct Policy- The JWU M.A.T. Conduct Policy can be found below.

Grading System- The JWU Graduate Grading System is located here.

Honor code- As honor is the foundation of the pursuit of knowledge, a Johnson & Wales student will commit to acting with honor in all aspects of campus life. This commitment to honor is demonstrated through intellectual curiosity, community awareness and strong citizenship, and leads to excellence. This promise includes acting with integrity with original academic work; fostering an environment rich with civil debate and discourse; celebrating the rich, diverse student body; upholding ethical and professional standards; engaging in all aspects of the university community; and behaving in a responsible and respectful manner in and out of the classroom. A Johnson & Wales student recognizes that he or she is bound to this community and promises to assist others in upholding these same high standards. It is with pride that a student commits to this code. The University Honor Code can be found here.

Leave- Students may choose to apply for a voluntary medical withdrawal if they need to leave school for a period of time to address illness or physical or mental health conditions that significantly impair their ability to function successfully or safely as a member of the university community.  Please see the JWU Student Handbook for more information.

Plagiarism- Students agree that by taking courses at JWU, required assignments may be subject to submission to Turnitin for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the Turnitin service is subject to the Usage Policy posted on The University plagiarism policy can be found here.

Testing- All elementary and business education candidates must take the appropriate content area test(s) for their area of certification prior to beginning the program. RI Teacher certification test requirement information can be found below.

*In the event of a conflict between the terms of the M.A.T. Candidate Handbook and the Johnson & Wales University Student Handbook, the provisions of the JWU Student Handbook control.