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Food Culture and Cuisine: Ingredient Resources

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Also, browse the library shelves from call #s TX715 - TX725 for cookbooks for cuisines around the world.

Helpful Books @ the Harborside Library

Find many encyclopedias and dictionaries at the library desk and in the TX340 - TX353 area of the Harborside Library.

eBooks with Ingredient Info

Moveable Feasts: The History, Science, and Lore of Food   American Indian Food   Food Culture in the Caribbean   Food Culture in Southeast Asia


Take a look at all of the food titles available from ABC-CLIO eBooks. (Click on "Popular Culture" to see "Food" list.)

What's that Ingredient?

Shitake Mushrooms (organic)photo © 2009 Clyde Robinson | more info (via: Wylio)Favas after first shellingphoto © 2009 Ann Larie Valentine | more info (via: Wylio)

Origins of Chocolate with Jacques Torres

Websites with Ingredient Info

These sites offer info on specific ingredients.

Free Images on the Web

Need images for a blog or website? Check out!

Google Your Ingredient

Search for your specific ingredient. It may be helpful to add the word "~history". (Using the "~" will also locate synonyms of your word.)

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