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Open Educational Resources

Learn about the potential impact of open educational resources (OER) on student engagement, and how to adopt, adapt and create your own for use in the educational environment

Open Pedagogy Resources 

BC Campus defines open pedagogy (OEP) as 'the use of open educational resources (OER) to support learning, or the open sharing of teaching practices with a goal of improving education and training at the institutional, professional, and individual level. When you use open pedagogy in your classroom, you are inviting your students to be part of the teaching process, participating in the co-creation of knowledge."

Interested in learning more? 

  • Explore the OEN's Open Pedagogy Portal, a directory that provides "case studies/renewable assignments and student work product by discipline."
  • Read through JWU Library's DEI Educator Guide which offers resources about open pedagogical practices and other social justice focused theoretical frameworks and pedagogies. 

Intro to Open Pedagogy: Implications for Course Assignments and Assessment

Presentation to the Academic Integrity Committee

Community Standards and Conduct, April 23, 2021