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Open Education Resources: College of Online Education

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2012 Book Project

Archive of basic college textbooks provided under a Creative Commons license by a textbook publisher

Open Culture

Free educational and cultural media

OpenED at BC Campus

Canadian open textbook project covering both academic and trade topics

Open Textbook Library

A growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks

Academic Search Complete

Multidisciplinary database useful for researching a variety of topics.

Culinary Arts

Full text articles from major cooking and nutrition magazines, plus recipes, restaurant reviews, and industry trends & news.


The library provides access to several ebook collections. To search most comprehensively, visit the library's homepage and perform a search under the tab labeled Books & Videos. Use the refine features on the left hand side of the results page to limit your search to ebooks at JWU. 

Emerald Management

Management articles in various fields


HeinOnline is a premier online database containing more than 178 million pages and 270,000 titles of historical and government documents in a fully searchable, image-based format.

Hospitality and Tourism Complete

Full text articles covering topics in the hospitality and tourism industries

Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection

Selective full text articles covering various aspects of the hospitality industry

IBIS World 

Global industry research 


Sports Business Research network provides marketing research statistics


Ebooks and full text articles from sports and sports medicine journals