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Competitive Intelligence (CI): Home

Guide originally created by Rick Keogh

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This LibGuide will assist you in locating information on competitive intelligence.  Listed below are some relevant topics:


  • Business intelligence
  • Business planning
  • Company research
  • Competition - Evaluation
  • Confidential business information
  • Corporations - Security measures
  • Industry research
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning

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What is Competitive Intelligence (CI)?

  • One of the best definitions of competitive intelligence (from the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) can be found below in the Society's Glossary of Terms.
  • *Competitive intelligence is a systematic and ethical programme for gathering, analyzing, and managing any combination of Data, Information, and Knowledge concerning the Business environment in which a company operates that, when acted upon, will confer a significant Competitive advantage or enable sound decisions to be made. Its primary role is Strategic early warning. See also: Business intelligence, Change management, Competitive, Competitive advantage, Environmental scanning, Intelligence analysis."