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JWU's mentorship program for first-year commuter students

is ...

The jwuGOLD mentor program connects a first-year student to JWU in a meaningful way. The student will receive individual attention during their first year through the support and guidance of a JWU employee mentor. The program will provide the student with tools and resources to achieve personal and academic success.

Program Objectives

  • Develop a sense of belonging and community to JWU
  • Increase student’s potential for personal and academic success
  • Provide support and guidance to help the student navigate their first year at JWU and utilize university resources
  • Connect the student with a JWU faculty or staff member who will serve as an “anchor” and campus resource for them

What is mentoring?

According to the National Mentoring Partnership, mentoring is a time-proven strategy that can help individuals of all circumstances achieve their potential. Mentoring provides many benefits for the mentee such as, support, reinforcement, guidance and positive relationships. Mentors also benefit from the program, experiencing a sense of purpose and gratification from their interactions with their mentees. The jwuGOLD program utilizes an intentional engagement model that embodies purposeful interactions to positively impact a student’s success, satisfaction and retention.

‚ÄčjwuGOLD is a program designed by the Campus 2022: Our Approach Subcommittee:

Diane Riccitelli, Director of Off-Campus Student Services

Elizabeth Allsworth, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, JWU Global

Kristen Buglione, Director of Health Education

Maria Knight, Human Resources Training and Development Specialist

Sara Spaner, ESL Specialist, JWU Global

Lisa Spicola, Chief Librarian, Harborside Library

Michael Waugh, Director of the BRIDGE Center

Stacia White, Assistant Director of Academic Counseling


Contact for more information or questions about this program.

Do you have ….

A strong sense of community?

A passion for helping others succeed?

A desire to share your talent, interests and knowledge with others?

A willingness to make a difference in a student’s life? ....


The jwuGOLD mentoring program ...

recognizes the diverse learning styles of the university’s student population and is designed to support those students who could benefit from a one-on-one relationship with a knowledgeable faculty or staff member.

Your role as a mentor is to create an intentional relationship with the mentee by building trust and rapport while providing support and guidance as needed, to ensure their success in the first year at JWU. This can be achieved in many ways, including:

  • Learn more about your mentee, identify their needs and unlock their potential
  • Tailor your approach to meet your mentee’s needs and capacity for learning
  • Use your knowledge and experience to advise and guide your mentee
  • Engage in interactions and experiences that are transformational rather than transactional
  • Care for your mentee by listening, being available and present, and celebrating their successes
  • Work with your mentee to establish goals; connecting them with resources to achieve those goals
  • Motivate and inspire your mentee to work hard to meet their goals in spite of challenges and/or obstacles they may face
  • Spend quality time with your mentee and get to know each other

Expectations for a Mentor

jwuGOLD mentors will be expected to:

  • Participate in a half-day training session over the summer
  • Be familiar with campus resources and where to find information
  • Participate in the kick-off event connecting mentor and mentee for the 1st time
  • Commit to the program for one academic year
  • Connect with mentee in-person/virtually once a week for the first six to eight weeks of the fall semester and connect with them via email, phone in-person, or other agreed-upon communication tool one hour per month until the end of the academic year
  • Log instances of mentorship interactions 
  • Participate in follow-up training and/or meet with other mentors once a semester to share ideas and experiences
  • Contact a member of the jwuGOLD Team and/or designated university representative when questions, issues or needs arise
  • Participate in jwuGOLD designated programming with your mentee

Program Benefits for a Mentor

  • Experience a sense of community
  • Experience a deeper connection with mentee and the University mission
  • Develop a better understanding of the student experience
  • Learn more about the University and the Wildcat community
  • Develop stronger mentoring strategies and skills
  • Feel a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment

Apply to be a jwuGOLD Mentor on the "Mentor Resources" page 


“I’m super grateful to be a part of this amazing program. I’m so happy I decided to go through with it. It feels great to have the support especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.” 

- Mentee, Class of 2023

Hey new commuting Wildcats! Are you starting classes in the fall and unsure or anxious about what to expect? Don’t worry we’ve been there! We’re here to let you know about jwuGOLD. jwuGOLD is your Golden Opportunity to Learn and Discover at JWU. This program matches first-year students with a knowledgeable faculty or staff mentor with similar interests, as well as the skills and experience to help that student meet their academic and career goals. The mentor will serve as a resource to their student mentee, providing support and guidance throughout their first year at JWU.

Our goal is to connect you with fellow Wildcats, resources and a support system that can help you succeed academically, socially and personally. You and your mentor will work together to create a plan to reach your goals, and celebrate when success is achieved.

Program Perks

  • Immerse yourself in Johnson & Wales and the Wildcat community
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself
  • Identify opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Build a network of connections and develop strong relationships that could last a lifetime
  • Receive support and guidance to help you face challenges
  • Develop strategies to go above and beyond your academic and personal goals
  • Meet new friends and get involved

Mentee Expectations

  • Join the fun and attend the jwuGOLD kick-off event to meet your mentor and other jwuGOLD participants 
  • Meet with your mentor once a week for one hour during the first six to eight weeks of the fall term
  • Attend jwuGOLD designated social and educational activities
  • Communicate regularly with your mentor and schedule time to meet periodically throughout the academic year
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and/or goals you want to achieve and work with your mentor to create an action plan to achieve those goals
  • Be open and honest and willing to share information with your mentor
  • Take advantage of the opportunities to learn, develop and make connections





Please note that additional resources and support can be found at The Den, the commuter lounge located on the Downcity Campus at 35 Richmond Street, Providence. Commuters are encouraged to reach out to Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) at 401-598-4595 or Additional information about OCSS can be found on the commuter webpage accessible from the Services page on jwuLink.