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JWU's mentorship program for first-year commuter students
 jwuGOLD Mentee Resources


jwuGOLD Kick-Off

Monday, August 24th

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

jwuGOLD Mentee FAQ

How do I apply to be a jwuGOLD mentee?

jwuGOLD is accepting applications through July 31. The link to the application is in the “Mentee” section of this guide.


How will I be matched with my mentor?

Mentees and mentors are matched based on the information that they provide in their applications, particularly shared interests and experiences.


What will having a mentor do for me?

Having a mentor on campus will provide you with another layer of support, in addition to your academic and financial planning advisors, and professors. Your mentor will help you navigate challenges and assist you in working toward your academic and personal goals.


How much time will mentoring take?

You and your mentor will meet for about an hour once a week for the first six to eight weeks of the fall term, and then connect via email, phone and/or in-person one hour per month until the end of the academic year.


How should I contact my mentor?

Your first meeting will occur at the jwuGOLD kick-off. At that first meeting, you and your mentor will determine the best way to communicate going forward and set up guidelines for appropriate communication throughout the program.  


When and where will I meet with my mentor?

You and your mentor will work together to set your meeting schedule. You can meet anywhere on campus, including your mentor’s office, at another JWU location like the library or Starbucks, or you may decide to attend a JWU event or activity together. 


What will my mentor expect from me? What should I expect from my mentor?

In general, your mentor will expect you to communicate your needs, be open to their feedback and guidance, honor your commitments, and take action toward your goals.

You can expect your mentor to provide helpful guidance and support, be a good listener, and honor their commitments.


What will I do with my mentor?

You can decide together the types of things that you would like to do, such as meeting for coffee, chatting in Gaebe Commons, or attending a fast-paced JWU hockey game.


Will my mentor keep the personal information that I share private?

Mentors are required to keep all of a mentee’s personal information private, but they are also required to report information if they believe that someone is in danger, has been victimized, or harassed. The  JWU Equity & Compliance Services website provides more information about reporting these situations.


What if my mentor and I don’t relate to each other?

You can contact the jwuGOLD team who will be available to provide guidance and assist if you are having concerns about working with your mentor.


JWU Campus Resources

JWU Resources

More activity ideas contributed by mentors:

  1. Not Just Coffee Hour and other BRIDGE activities
  2. Career Fairs
  3. Attend a JWU sports event
  4. Meet at the museum
  5. Go for a walk (i.e. Walk trail along water @ Harborside)
  6. Workout at gym
  7. Tour campus


Academic Success Center

(Downcity 401-598-1485/Harborside 401-598-1018)

The Academic Success Center offers subject-based tutoring, writing support and academic skills coaching to help you succeed.


Accessibility Services (401-598-4660)

Dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations to give students with learning disabilities, physical challenges, and chronic medical conditions the opportunity to succeed in their academic pursuits.


Student Academic Services (401-598-1088)

SAS offers a variety of services to help students prepare for graduation and a career, maintains students’ official academic records, and provides academic counselors/advisors to assist with students with academic planning, course registration and more. The Undergraduate Academic Calendar lists important academic and financial dates and deadlines. The "Forms & Video Tutorials" page offers much assistance, including how to register for courses and schedule an appointment with an advisor.


Student Financial Services (401-598-1468)

SFS offers a variety of services to students and their families when financing their higher education at JWU. Dedicated financial planners provide in-person loan counseling, education and strategies to make attendance financially possible for students and their families. The "Forms & Video Tutorials" page offers much assistance, including financial aid documentation forms and a how-to on scheduling an appointment with a financial adivsor.


Experiential Education & Career Services

(Downcity 401-598-1070 / Harborside 401-598-4611)

Experiential Education & Career Services offers a variety of internship programs and career services including a career management course, résumé critiques, mock interviews, career fairs, exposure to industry professionals, on-campus interviews and more. These services assist students in building skills to obtain employment and independently manage their careers.


Safety and Security (401-598-1103)

Campus Safety & Security personnel are on duty 24/7, maintaining a safe, secure living and working environment for you and our JWU community. Our campuses also have an integrated access control system of ID card readers, surveillance cameras and emergency blue light phones for enhanced security


Off Campus Student Services (401-598-4595)

Resources available to JWU's students who live off-campus, including how to find housing off-campus.


Residential Life (401-598-1141)

Housing options ranging from suites to apartment-style living. More than 50% of our students live on campus!


Student Employment (401-598-1849)

Use your campus resources to find Federal Work-Study, student assistant, and teaching assistant and fellowship positions, as well as important forms and payment information.



(Downcity 401-598-1098 / Harborside 401-598-1466)

JWU Providence's Library supplies students with access to a wide array of top publications from their chosen industry, along with training videos and professional certification test preparation manuals to help students get ready for life after graduation.


IT Helpdesk (401-598-4357)

Information Technology is the resource for all things tech-related at JWU, including passwords, email, printing, submitting requests and more.


Care Team

Referral Form (call Safety & Security ext. 1103 for emergencies)

The CARE (Crisis Aversion and Response Evaluation) Team is comprised of university staff and faculty members. This group meets once a week to share and coordinate information relative to the behavior of any student who appears to pose a risk of harm to self or others and to develop strategies as necessary for early intervention in accordance with existing university policies.


Counseling Services (401-598-1016)

Counseling Services is a confidential resource for students where they can access support to help manage their emotional well being. Services offered include short term-individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, outreach educational programs, and referrals. 


Health Services

(Downcity 401-598-1104 / Harborside 401-598-1151)

Health Services provides basic health care for students, management of medical records and immunization compliance. 


Health Education (401-598-2023)

Health Education supports a campus culture of holistic wellness that fosters healthy habits and life-long well-being.


Gender Equity (401-598-1138)

JWU's Gender Equity Center centers on the topics of feminism and inclusive masculinity, sexual orientation and spectrum of gender identity/expression, and violence prevention and response (specifically sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, and stalking).


Student Involvement and Leadership (401-598-1138)

Student Involvement & Leadership strives to cultivate meaningful experiences to inspire personal and professional growth by developing and supporting programs that promote collaborative learning, character development and social responsibility; promoting a student-centered culture that encourages a strong sense of pride and tradition; empowering students to embrace and strengthen an inclusive community; and fostering collaborative partnerships to support and deliver successful campus events.


Athletics (401-598-1632)

JWU Wildcat Athletics strives to provide an exceptional educational experience through a holistic approach where championship intercollegiate athletic competition, intramurals, recreation, fitness and wellness programs are a part of the co-curriculum inspiring professional success and lifelong personal and intellectual growth. Our Providence campus is home to 23 DIII varsity teams, 7 GNAC Rookies of the Year, and 7 Coaches of the Year.


Calendar of Events:

Listing of ongoing and current events that are occurring on all campuses.  Can be filtered for just the Providence campus.



Off-Campus Student Services: The go-to place for commuters


Wildcat Welcome: Everything a new student needs to know to start off the year on the right "paw"


Stay energized, EAT



Feel good, be healthy

JWU Student Health 101