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Scholarly Communication: Overview

The process by which scholars and institutions create, disseminate, preserve, and utilize scholarship, research, and creative works.

JWU Scholarship Defined

How is scholarship defined at Johnson & Wales University?

It includes traditional research as well as output associated with applied professional knowledge, pedagogical practice, and forms of creativity intended to make connections across disciplines or foster growth and change within a specific field of practice. The critical components of scholarship at Johnson & Wales are:

Scholarship and its results are based on pre-stated purposes or defined objectives and focused on important questions.

Preparation/Background of Scholar
Scholarship is based on a deep rather than a casual understanding of a field or fields. A scholar possesses skills/knowledge in the field or fields, and scholarship references existing professional/practical literature or documented practice knowledge.

Scholarship relies on effectively applied methods which can be replicated and are appropriate to the pre-defined objectives of the work.

Significant Results
Scholarship typically results in the achievement of the work’s goals, and the results make a significant contribution, often opening new questions or areas for future exploration.

Scholarship is disseminated through professional networks and venues; as such it is typically peer reviewed, has a professional style and is both clearly and honestly presented.

Scholarship is contextual to the field or fields in which it is conducted, whereby each discipline defines the approach to goals and significance, standards for preparation and methods, presentation of results, as well as venues for dissemination.


SW Homepage

The ScholarsArchive@JWU is an open-access institutional repository for the scholarly research and creative output of members of the Johnson & Wales University community, hosted by Johnson & Wales University Library. It makes publications and creative works freely accessible to anyone with access to the internet, providing a simple way for authors and contributors to preserve and showcase scholarship and creative works within a single, OCR-compliant site.

This service can help identify publisher permissions, maintain peer-reviewed e-journals, and collect and manage conference materials. Submissions can include working papers, copies of published articles, conference papers, presentations, multi-media works, datasets, creative works, and other works not published elsewhere.

Download a copy of the ScholarsArchive@JWU brochure to find out how Scholars Archive can work for you.

Defining Scholarly Communication

Video Credit: Defining Scholarly Communication, created/owned by the contributors and produced by Kathryn Pope and Vin Aliberto, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. CC-BY.

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