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Human Rights Day 2020

Voting Methods in the U.S.A


Wondering How, Where, and When to Vote

Different states have different requirements for voters, but the most common voting methods include:

Voting In-Person on Election Day

Voting Early

Voting by Mail - "Absentee Ballot"

No matter how you choose to practice your fundamental right to vote, it is important that you be an Informed Voter

Be aware of misinformation and acts of Voter Suppression. Explore the library's resources to learn more:

Voter Suppression

Despite the laws passed throughout U.S. election history to protect citizens' right to vote...

Voter Suppression remains a prominent issue in today's society.

  • It causes significant disruptions in people's efforts to register and exercise their right to vote.
  • These tactics typically affect people of color, low income communities, the elderly, and the disabled the most.
  • Examples of voter suppression include: Closure of polling places, strict id requirements, voter intimidation, etc. 

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