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Honors Program

This page provides information on the Honors Program at Johnson & Wales University.

Handbook 2023-2024


Honors Program Handbook


Honors Program Director: Dr. Wendy Wagner
Taco 517
(401) 598-1929

Honors Program Assistant Director: Prof. Colleen Less
White 525
(401) 598-1095

The Honors Program at Johnson & Wales University provides academically advanced students pursuing a Bachelor's degree an Honors-caliber education, builds a community of scholars, and enriches the universityís curriculum.  Most students enter the Honors Program upon admission to the university and are selected by the Admissions Office based on a number of factors, including test scores, grade point average, class rank and other criteria.  Non-honors students are eligible to apply to the Honors Program after they have completed at least one term of study at the university and should contact the Honors Director regarding the application process and requirements.  

Why participate?
Honors scholars have the opportunity to enroll in an enhanced, academic curriculum that will help them develop writing, research and leadership skills, while producing an impressive portfolio of original, high quality work. 

The program is made up of advanced courses that have small student-to-faculty ratios and are taught by our most dedicated and energetic faculty.  These courses are designed to engage students at a high level, foster independent thinking, develop professional communication skills, and allow frequent opportunities for producing original scholarship and innovative projects.  

The program culminates with the completion of an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis provides students with the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor while conducting independent research on a topic about which they are passionate. These projects stand as the best evidence to potential employers and graduate school admissions committees of a student's individual aptitude, initiative, and capacity for success.