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Vegetarian Cuisine: Recipes and Ingredients

This guide provides resources for those studying CULN3155 and others interested in vegetarianism.

Recipes @ JWU

Price Sheets

101 Cookbooks

Check out these recipes from the 101 Cookbooks blog which features hundreds of vegetarian and dessert recipes from a variety of cookbooks.

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What's that Ingredient?

Okra (posted @ Flickr by j.e.n.n.y.)

Conversion Calculators

Book of Yields

How to Make Soy Milk

How to Make Almond Milk

Featured Recipe

Bryant Terry, an "eco chef, food justice activist, is the author of Vegan Soul Kitchen (VSK): Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine.

Featured Resource: Spices of Life Blog

Check out this interesting and informative video blog by author Nina Simonds whose speciality is Asian cuisine. Though not a vegetarian site, it does include many vegetarian recipes. Find most of Simonds' books at the Harborside Library too.

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Vegetarian Recipes on the Web

Find all types of vegetarian recipes

at these websites.

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