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Energy Resources: Electric power

This guide originally created by Rick Keogh provides information on energy resources. Primary emphasis is the United States, with some global resources.

Recommended Books


These online journals are a useful resource for researching energy industry issues and news.

Industry Profiles

These databases will direct you to in-depth information on the generation and distribution of electric power.

Fuel Mix for U.S. Electricity Generation

Articles & Databases

The resources below will assist you in researching company and industry information for the electric energy industry.  You can also obtain full-text articles which are constantly updated.

Other Industry Background

These industry "snapshot" narratives provide additional information about the electric power industry.


Links to organizations about the electric energy industry.

Other Useful Resources

Links to other useful information on the electric energy industry.

Videos on Electric Power

These Films on Demand videos touch on various aspects of electric power .  To access them, type the titles below in the searchbox in the upper right hand corner.

  • "Electric Car: American Industry and Innovation"
  • "Electric Nation"
  • "Electric Power on the Move"
  • "Power and Efficiency"
  • "Revelations and Revolution: Shock and Awe - The Story of Electricity"
  • "Running on Lithium: A New Way to Travel"

Additional videos may be located using keyword searching.