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Hist 3100 Contemporary American History: Citation Examples


What is a Works Cited Page?
"Works Cited" is the preferred heading for the section of the paper that lists the sources used for research in an MLA style paper. While a Bibliography is, technically, a "description of books," a Works Cited page can properly include books as well as other sources of information such as interviews, articles in periodicals, lectures, videos, pamphlets, e-books and other online sources.

Like a Bibliography, the Works Cited page of a research paper lists all of the sources that have been cited in the text. Each citation in the Works Cited must have at least one in-text citation! 

How is it done?
Generally, each entry on the works cited page has three main divisions, as outlined below. However, in some instances basic formatting information is not given, therefore adjustments need to be made. Consult the MLA Handbook or your professor if you have questions about citations.

  1. Author
  2. Title
  3. Publication Information and dates
  4. Format type

Use the examples we've provided in the MLA Manual Libguide to help you create citations. Pay close attention to punctuation and capitalization!