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CUL 1405: Skills of Meatcutting (Scaife): CUL1405

The LibGuide for Culinary 1405, Chef Scaife's "Skills of Meatcutting".


On this page, find course info and readings for Chef Scaife's CUL1405 Skills of Meatcutting class.

CAFE Vision Videos

Various culinary videos such as lamb fabrication, chicken fabrication to fish fabrication and more.


Course Description and Syllabus

Course Description:

"Purchasing, receiving, evaluating and proper storage procedures are discussed.  Emphasis is placed on primal and sub-primal cuts, federal inspections, grading, yields and the classification of meats, poultry and game.  Laboratory activities include hands-on fabrication of pork, beef, poultry and lamb". 

Applegate Farm

Humane Slaughter House Videos

Electronic Meat Buyer´s Guide

This electronic version is interactive and some of the features include:

  • Print and e-mail capabilities
  • Complete Spanish translations
  • Professional photography with an enlarge feature
  • Information on Canadian grading and nomenclature
  • Video cutting demonstrations
  • Endorsed by 22 industry organizations

Note: You must use a username and password to access the electronic version.  Please ask your librarian or instructor for this information.  Only 5 simultaneous users can utilize the book at a time. Please log out when done.

Chef Scaife's Reserves

These items are located at the Harborside Library behind the reference desk.