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Library Instruction: Active Learning : Balkun

Explore Databases

Not all databases are created equally, so we're going to explore a few to see how they differ, and what they can be used for.

Each team is assigned a different database, and then we practice finding information, exploring, looking to see if there is a Full Text button, so we can read the articles online right away, searching for Peer Reviewed/Scholarly/Academic sources, and searching for the Cite button.

  • Where do you enter keywords?
  • Can you click Full Text?
  • Are there Peer Reviewed/Scholarly/Academic articles?
  • Are there Trade Journals/Professional articles?
  • Are there News articles?
  • Can you find the Cite button?


  1. Head over to Article tab on the library's home page Enter your Keywords, click Full Text, Email your article to yourself, and copy the citation from the Cite button
  2. Visit CQ Researcher, enter in your key terms and see what you find!
  3. Explore Statista - enter in keywords and see if you can find a statistic on your topic!
  4. Head over to Opposing Viewpoints - Browse the Issues, enter your Keywords and see what you find!
    1. Notice the variety of DIFFERENT kinds of resources: Media, Newspapers, Academic
    2. Don't forget to copy and paste the citation from the Cite button
  5. Make an appointment with a super awesome Writing Tutor in the Center for Academic Support OR submit to Smarthinking (Academic tab in JWUlink, right hand side, under Academic Support Services)
  6. Relax and watch the A+ roll in!
  7. Share which database is the best on this padlet

To take the Information Literacy Module, click here.

ABCD Handout