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Library Instruction: Active Learning : Keywords: The Game!

Keywords Activity/Game


For this assignment you will write an academic research essay on a narrowed and focused aspect of a topic of your choice.

You must use at least 5 research sources.  Your paper should be 5-7 pages long.  The final due date will be Wednesday, November 6th

So, you need at least 5 research sources.  What makes a source a "research source"?  

Step 1. Narrowing your research topic.

Start with a broad topic.

Topic Idea: Stress and College Students

Question: Who is affected? College students experiencing stress

Question: What is the cause of the issue?  College students experiencing mental health issues, lack of sleep, difficulty balancing multiple priorities (athletics vs. employment vs. academics) Lack of counseling support for college students.  Lack of awareness of stress-relieving techniques including meditation.

Possible narrowed Topic and Research Question:  What role does meditation play in reducing stress in college students?

Step 2: Turn your topic into a keyword search.

Let's practice.


Step 1: With your team, identify at least three keywords from the question   "what is the cause of the issue

Step 2: With your team, identify at least one synonym for each of the three keywords above

Step 3: Click this padlet, name your team, and identify the three keywords you found, and three synonyms.

Step 4: The team that finishes first, earns the glory.  So much glory. and points. so many points. A+

Now you try!

Click the Articles tab (not the Everything tab!!) and start your own keyword search, after completing the handout "Constructing a Research Question and Keywording"