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Hello! I'm happy to be serving as your personal librarian for ENG 1021!

I can help you pick a topic, find articles, or answer any other question!

I share office hours with an awesome team of librarians, so if you'd like some one-on-one help, we're here for you! Click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you.

Rebecca Gagne | |  401-598-5113

For faster help, use chat or text a librarian. It's anonymous and quick! Simply click the Ask a Librarian button below, or look for it on our home page.


Finding and Understanding Scholarly Sources 

Scenario: You have to write a short research paper for English 1021. Your professor requires that at least two of the articles you include in your works cited are scholarly.


Consider: What does scholarly mean? What makes a source scholarly? Why is your professor even requiring scholarly sources? How do you find a scholarly source and then read it?




Find Your Group Number on the Google Doc for then write the name of each person in your group!

  1. Each group has been provided with a sample research question and keywords and a sample scholarly article or original research article.
  2. Skim headings of the article (ex. introduction, literature review)
  3. Identify a claim or research question (HINT: look in abstract!)
  4. Identify the findings (HINT: look in discussion/conclusion)

  5. Find one quote from an older article mentioned in the introduction or literature review

  6. (If there is one) Methodology: Identify a group studied

  7. Share out to the rest of the class




The JWU library has your textbook available at both the Downcity and Harborside libraries for free!

You can check out the print textbook of the Bedford Guide to Genres for free for 2 hours at a time with your JWU ID at the library. You can scan a chapter or two to your email or print for free or simply read in the library for 2 hours at a time.

Always check your syllabus to make sure you have the correct version when checking out a textbook at the library.

Most ENG 1021 courses are using the Bedford Guide to Genres; your professor, your syllabus (and a librarian!) can help you identify your correct textbook using the syllabus in your ulearn course site.

Chat with a librarian to learn more!

The Academic Success Center is open for in-person and remote appointments by zoom.

Whether you're just getting started or need final editing advice, writing tutors are kind and trained to help you at any stage of the writing process. Visit the Academic Success Center website for more information.

Top Tips for Working with the Academic Success Center:

  1.    Book an appointment by phone: 401-598-1485  
  2.    Book an appointment online via USucceed: In jwulink, under Tools,.click Academics tab, Usucceed- Look for "My Success Network" Academic Success Network
  3. Visit us live on the first floor of the Yena Center

For 24/7 free online revision feedback, submit your paper to Smarthinking. Look for the link in jwuLink, under the Academics tab, under Academic Support Services.

Start here:

Academic Search Complete

Use Academic Search to search for articles on almost any topic. For example, if you're focusing on Texting while Driving use the search box to find scholarly articles using keywords such as "texting" or "cell phones", along with your angle, such as "alcohol".

Click Full Text on the left so you can read articles online.

Click Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) to read academic, peer reviewed articles.


The JWU library has two style guides: 

MLA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

However, if you need more in depth guidance on formatting go to the Purdue OWL

Need to talk to someone and seek guidance in real time?

  • If you are an online student, you can go to the online writing center for information about how to contact a writing coach. 
  • If you are a PVD campus student you can schedule an appointment with the writing coach through uSucceed. 

If you use the library's databases for your research, you can copy and paste pre-generated citations - look out for the option as it may appear differently in each interface but is generally represented by an icon of quotation marks.

If you need to cite a resource not located in a database, I recommend using the OWL as a reference. You can also reach out to me or JWU Library for help with citations!