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Food Science (Providence Campus): Carbohydrates

This guide provides resources for the study of food science and the food production industry.

Food Composition Basics

Explore resources for chemical components in food:

Carbohydrates (starch and sugar)


Proteins (dairy, meat, eggs, enzymes) 

Helpful Books @ the Harborside Library

Check out the Harborside Library shelves marked “Food Science” (TP1-TP500), “Food Safety” & “Food Analysis” (both in the TX500s section).

The following are also great food science resources:

Featured Resource: Food Science Source

Find articles about Food Safety, Food & Beverage Science, Food Service, Processing, Packaging, Shipping, Culinary Innovation, and Product Development.

Culinary Databases

Nutrition Databases

Search the Web for Free Articles


Google Scholar

This search engine locates scholarly literature including articles that are accessible online. (Include the phrases “full-text” or “view HTML” or “view PDF” in your search to help identify articles available full-text.)


Carbohydrates on the Web

Artificial Sweeteners on the Web