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American Infrastructure: Home

Use this guide originally created by Rick Keogh to get more information on America's infrastructure, with a focus on transportation, energy/utilities, waste management and national security

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This LibGuide will assist you in locating information on America's infrastructure..  Listed below are some of these subject areas:

  • General overview of the condition of America's infrastructure as a whole
  • National security (disaster recovery/relief, emergency management, public health preparedness) 
  • Transportation infrastructure (airports, bridges, harbors/ports, railways, roads)
  • Water infrastructure (drinking water, dams, levees, water supply)
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Waste management (hazardous waste, nuclear waste, solid waste, water waste)

Please be advised that access to electronic books, databases, streaming videos and some industry information is restricted to the Johnson & Wales community.

Videos on America's Infrastructure

These Films on Demand videos touch on various aspects of America's infrastructure .  To access them, type the titles below in the searchbox in the upper right hand corner.

Additional videos may be located using keyword searching.