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Greetings! I'm honored to be your personal librarian for Race, Politics and Power in America.

I can help you pick a topic, find articles, or answer any other question.  Seriously.  I got you!

I share office hours with an awesome team of librarians, so if you'd like some one-on-one help click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you We're here for you!

Sarah Naomi Campbell| scampbell@jwu.edu | 401-598-5019


Did you know you can also chat or text with a librarian?  It's anonymous, free, and super fast!

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Top Four Tips for Working with the Writing Lab:

  1.    Open Mon - Thurs 4-10 pm, Sun 12-10 pm.
  2.    Walk-ins welcome; appointments strongly recommended.
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Curious about how it all works? Check out this sweet video created by an awesome team of JWU students!  

Did you know you can also submit your paper 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Smarthinking for seriously awesome feedback within 24 -48 hours?  It's FREE!  Look for the link in JWULink, under the Academics tab, under Tutoring.

For in-person tutoring, help with accommodations for students living with disabilities, and study-skills workshops, contact the Center for Academic Support.

Wondering how to get started on your Tool Kit for Action Class project?  No worries!  Your first challenge is to choose an interesting topic, and then focus in on the most fascinating angle.  Researching multiple perspectives creates the strongest argument.

Example If you were to choose the impact of race or gender on access to labor unions as the topic, you might research the ways in which the intersection of race and gender prevented workers from joining labor unions as the angle. In this article from Academic Search Complete,  An opportunity to Challenge the "Color Line": Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Women's Labor Activism in Late Nineteenth-Century Cedar Rapids, Iowa  the author traces the history of African American women who were blocked from joining labor unions but fought for justice.

Pro-Tip: Start with Academic Search Complete by simply clicking the Articles tab on the library's home page.

Use Academic Search Complete to search for articles on specific angles for your research paper. For example, if you're focusing on "intersection of race and gender on labor unions" use the search box to find scholarly articles on "race" or "ethnicity", and "gender" along with your angle, such as "labor unions".

  • Enter in your basic search terms, such as "race" OR "gender" AND "labor union"
  • Limit to Full Text, so you can read articles online
  • Check Scholarly/Peer Reviewed
  • Scroll down the first page of articles, and click on the most interesting one
  • Scholarly articles often include Statistics - look for a range of statistics in the beginning of the article, as well as in the conclusion.
  • Click on one of the Subject Terms (they're hyperlinked) and see where it takes you!

Opposing Viewpoints

Need research on controversial topics?  This database is your friend.  Support your point of view on a controversial issue with facts and statistics from primary and government documents, photos, and magazine & newspaper articles which have already argued your case.

Pro-Tip: Choose Browse Issues to choose from legit hundreds of topics.


Looking for statistics to quote, FAST?  Check out this awesome database!  Just toss in your search term, and you're good to go. 

Did you know you can copy and paste citations if you use the library's databases?

1. Save time -  look for the "Cite" Button or " " icon.

2. Scroll to the style you need (APA)

3. Copy and paste the full citation into your paper

Ta Da!  You're done!  Well, almost.  Sometimes weird formatting issues happen, so always double check your work.


Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations?  Use the OWL It's super easy, and totally simple. This is also a really good time to make an appointment with a writing tutor to make sure your paper is totally perfect and all your citations are good to go or reach out to me for help!