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SOC 2050

Welcome. We are so happy to serve as your library liaisons! 

Think of us as your research partners...We can assist you with finding articles, developing a research topic, citing sources... you name it!   

If you ever want to meet with us for specialized research assistance, you can schedule a research appointment.

The JWU librarians are available for research appointments in-person, over the phone, and online. We would be more than happy to help you! 

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Greetings!  I've created a quick overview of a couple of the most popular databases to help guide you as you search for credible sources on your research project.

During the semester there will be one research base project that requires students to conduct a historical analysis of a specific country in Africa.

The research project should examine past events including geography, economics politics, religion, and the history of the selected country to understand the countries' current issues. 

An important database for this project is Global Road Warrior. For more databases, click the Databases tab.

Watch this quick video below that I've created for you to learn how to navigate the database.


For more help, make a research appointment with us or use our Ask a Librarian chat service to connect quickly.


The JWU Writing Lab is open for in-person and remote appointments by zoom.

Whether you're just getting started or need final editing advice, writing coaches are super kind and trained to help you at any stage of the writing process. 

Top Tips for Working with the Writing Lab:

  1.    Book an appointment by phone: 401-598-1785  
  2.    Book an appointment online via USucceed: In jwulink, click Academics tab,  Academic Support Services.

For 24/7 free online revision feedback, submit your paper to Smarthinking. Look for the link in jwuLink, under the Academics tab, under Academic Support Services.

The JWU library has two style guides: 

MLA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

However, if you need more in depth guidance on formatting visit the Purdue OWL

Need to talk to someone and seek guidance in real time?