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ENG 1021 30996

Greetings! I'm honored to be your personal librarian for ENG 1021.  

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Let's explore these databases!

Each group will be assigned one database to explore

and will share their findings with the class at the end of the activity in this padlet:

Thursday class:

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MLA Basics

  • In-text Citations: (Author's last name and the page number). Period after the in-text citation. 
    • Example: “There is a significant relationship between auditors’ assessments of the relevance and reliability of reported information and their attitudes to creative accounting” (Ionescu 161).
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  • General paper format:
    • Times New Roman
    • 1-inch margins 
    • double spaced 
    • indent each new paragraph
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  • Works Cited page:
    • last page
    • double spaced
    • citations listed in alphabetical order
    • hanging indents
    • appropriate citation format for each source type (i.e. book vs. article)
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  • ‚ÄčHow to Cite an Interview!


 Argument Analysis paper:
  • Focus on either the pro or the con holistic article - both are posted under "Argument Analysis."
  • Read the culinary medicine article, but do not rhetorically analyze that one because it's more of an informative article to give some background info on this topic. 
  • Find two outside sources on your paper; one must be the article itself. 
In-text citations:
When is it necessary to have an in-text citation and when isn't it?
Rule #1: No need to include parenthetical references for the article that you're analyzing: the entire focus of the rhetorical analysis essay is on that one article, so you don't have to keep referencing the author in an in-text citation every time you analyze one element of the article.
Rule #2: Do include an in-text citation for the outside source
For example, if Jones is the author of the article you are analyzing and Smith is the author of the outside article you are citing for research:
Incorrect: Jones concludes her article effectively when she summarizes all of the main points that she had previously mentioned, and then argues, "..................................." (Jones). Her final thought emphasizes that point when she asserts, " .............................." (Jones). 
Correct: Smith argues effectively that "emotional support animals help college students overcome anxiety, particularly adorable puppies" (213).