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ENG1024 - Wagner


Greetings! I'm honored to be your personal librarian for ENG 1024.  I've added in resources for your Project 3 under the Library Help tab in ulearn.

I can help you pick a topic, find articles, or answer any other question.  Seriously.  I got you!

If you'd like some one-on-one help click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you We're here for you!

Sarah Naomi Campbell| | 401-598-5019

Did you know you can also chat or text with a librarian?  It's anonymous, free, and super fast!  Simply click the Ask a Librarian button below, or look for it on our home page!

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Project 3: Historical View of a Landmark, Building, or other Location in your Assigned Neighborhood
Choose a landmark, building, or other location in your assigned neighborhood and use primary sources/historical analysis in order to tell its story over at least 20 years, using primary sources.

Explore primary sources using the links below.

 Please take some time to review the video below and then email me to make a research appointment in person or with any questions.  It's a little outdated, as the PPL has a fresh new look, but the process is the same, and will help guide you through using the resources.

JWU students, as part of the HELIN consortium of colleges, are able to visit Brown University, just a short walk away, and use their online databases, including access to the Providence Journal.  Click here to learn more about your privileges.  

Current students of HELIN libraries are eligible for physical access to the Brown libraries. This includes onsite use of online databases and journals at designated guest stations in the Rockefeller Library and Sciences Library. Fill out an application at the Rockefeller Library to obtain an access card, which is good for one year, but may be renewed. There is no charge for this.  You must walk to the actual library to use the library resources, such as their online databases and the Providence Journal.  There is NO online access.

Current students of HELIN institutions should be able to obtain materials held by Brown through their home institutions' interlibrary loan service. In addition, anyone may purchase a borrowing card for onsite borrowing privileges. Fill out an application at the Rockefeller Library to obtain a borrowing card, which is good for one year, but may be renewed. The fee structure for borrowing cards can be found on our Visitors page.

In this video, I explore the Rhode Island Collection at the Providence Public Library, before heading over to visit Providence Preservation Society's awesome House History database, where you can search detailed architectural and historical information via individual streets. Click here to learn more about how to conduct property research.
Of particular interest at the Providence Public Library is the The Rhode Island Photograph Collection, a collection of photographs that document the landscape and life of Rhode Islanders across the state from the mid 19th century through the 20th century. The collection grew over time as the Providence Public Library had photographs donated to them from a variety of donors. There are an estimated 6,000 plus images in this collection.
Kate Wells, the Rhode Island Collections Librarian at Providence Public Library, invites you to make an appointment with her to discuss your particular topic at   Here is her advice:
  • Our online catalog includes all cataloged monographs and is a good starting point.  
  • Our Rhode Island Index is a traditional card catalog that has been maintained since 1901 and includes newspaper articles, maps, images, pamphlets, clipping files, etc that may not be cataloged in the online catalog. Students will need to come in to use it, but either myself (Kate Wells) or a reference librarian can assist. City Directories and the Providence Board of Trade Journal are also good resources 
  • Check out the RI Theatre Collection here: it includes materials from a wide variety of Providence theatres.  Make sure to make an appointment with to view materials in the collection. 
  • Much of our general image collection is cataloged and can be browsed online.   

Still searching?

Try browsing the Rhode Island Folk Collection at the Library of Congress, especially the amazing National Black Ensemble Theatre (NBET), Newport, Rhode Island.

You can also search the Rhode Island Historical Society's catalog online.  The Rhode Island Historical Society online catalog contains records for all genres of the Society's collections. This includes, but is not limited to: books, objects, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, paintings, film, textiles, pamphlets, and broadsides.

You can also search the Providence Preservation Society's city plans including the College Hill Study, complete with photographs.

Interested in the Fox Point neighborhood? Search the Fox Point Neighborhood Association's website for more information, including primary sources.

On campus? Visit the JWU Writing Lab at either the Academic Success Center at Downcity or Harborside for fast and easy help with assignments. Whether you're just getting started or need final editing advice, peer-to-peer and professional writing coaches are super kind and trained to help you at any stage of the writing process. For in-person tutoring, help with accommodations for students living with disabilities, and study-skills workshops, contact the Academic Success Center, via USucceed in jwulink, Academics tab.

Top Tips for Working with the Writing Lab:

  1.    Walk-ins welcome; appointments strongly recommended.
  2.    Book an appointment by phone: 401-598-1485 
  3.    Book an appointment online via USucceed: in jwulink, click Academics tab.

Did you know you can also submit your paper online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Smarthinking for seriously awesome feedback within 24 hours?  It's FREE!  Look for the link in jwulink, under the Academics tab, under Tutoring.

Looking for MS Office Suite or Microsoft Word?  Click here to download it for free!


Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations for your project using primary sources?  Use the OWL It's super easy, and totally simple.

This is also a really good time to make an appointment with a writing tutor to make sure your paper is totally perfect and all your citations are good to go.

Did you know you can copy and paste citations if you use the library's databases?

1. Save time -  look for the "Cite" Button or " " icon.

2. Scroll to the style you need (MLA, APA)

3. Copy and paste the full citation into your paper

Ta Da!  You're done!  Well, almost.  Sometimes weird formatting issues happen, so always double check your work.




Citing Images 

Image label (If including image in your written work):

Fig. 1 New York Sunshine. (WGSN Denim Team, [Sept. 2018]).

In the text:

WGSN Denim Team [Sept. 2018].

In your list of figures or references (omit figure number if you haven't included the image in your assignment)

Figure 1. WGSN Denim Team. [Sept. 2018] New York Sunshine. WGSN. Denim Forecast S/S 20: Empower Up! [Online image]. available from