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CSLG 3005


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(minimum/maximum-3 pages-points will be deducted for being over or under limit): You will be asked to critically analyze the crisis intervention response to a high-profile crisis (a manmade or natural disaster) such as 911, Columbine, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook school shootings, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Australian fires, the Mass shooting at Harvest Musical in Las Vegas etc. You can also pick another high profile incident not listed, but please see the instructor for approval.



  • Discuss the specific considerations for crisis intervention regarding the situation you identified such as immediate needs, special considerations (housing, suicide ideation, trauma considerations unique to the specific circumstance) in counseling the impacted populations (2 points)


  • Identify specific crisis intervention resources that were provided or lack thereof (examples red cross, counseling volunteers, FEMA, etc.). (2 points)


  • Discuss possible long-term effects of this type of trauma on impacted individuals, groups and any special considerations for counseling follow-up (2 points)


  • Critically analyze the types of crisis interventions offered in the specific situation and discuss how such interventions were or were not effective and explain why or why not (2 points)


  • Utilize appropriate grammar throughout paper (no spelling mistakes) and at least 6 high quality references as well as in text-citations throughout your paper (2points)

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