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Collaborative Learning Assignment Spring 2023


We are experiencing yet another incident where individuals (I choose to refrain from using the term police officers for obvious reasons) who were sworn to protect lives were the ones responsible for the death of a young man.

Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by at least five members of the Memphis Police Department’s “SCORPION” Unit. This incident was recorded on street pole cameras as well as body cam footage from the responsible individuals.

 In the course of this 5-page, 12 font, double-spaced assignment, we would like you to discuss how an incident like the one in Memphis - as well as other locations- can and still do happen.

What steps can a law enforcement agency take to ensure that individuals who are hired to “protect and serve” do not engage in such barbaric acts of savagery against another human being?

Does the culture within a police department, specifically among the rank-and-file officers, at some point and time supersede initial academy training and routine in-service training to provide officers with a sense of “entitlement”, “impunity”, and “acceptance” in the use of excessive force?

 We are expecting you to reference what you have learnt in your Criminal Justice and Psychology classes to support your thoughts on this issue. How can we ensure (if we even can) that we will never see another George Floyd or Tyre Nichols (sadly just to name a few) again?

In the course of this 5-page paper, we would like you to provide at least three references from your CJ course materials (textbook) and three references from your Psychology materials to support your position and responses (page numbers from textbooks/notes/power points).

Please review your class discussions from your Psychology class on Miligram, Stanford Prison Experiment on the abuse of power in this paper. You should also look at Chapters Four and Seven (as well as any others you deem relevant) in your Law Enforcement textbook. This paper will be due on Wednesday April 5th 2023 which will be Week Thirteen.

Please be sure to use APA format.  Use at least three different scholarly resources aside from course materials.

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Step 1: Keyword Searching

For example, if your topic includes identifying steps that police departments can take to prevent excessive force and create a culture of community-first policing:

  • Use keywords from your research question such as "culture" and "police" or "training" and "community policing"
  • Click Full Text on the left hand side
  • Browse the first page of results, choose the article you feel the most relevant
  • Email the article to yourself, or create a Google Doc and save the permalink and APA citation, using the "Cite" feature

Step 2: Research Resilience or using alternative Keywords

For example, consider discussing ways police officers can positively manage high-stress interactions

  • Use keywords such as "stress management" and "police" or "mental health" and "PTSD".
  • Click Full Text on the left hand side
  • Browse the first page of results, choose the article you feel the most relevant
  • Email the article to yourself, or create a Google Doc and save the permalink and APA citation, using the "Cite" feature

Step 3: Subject Terms

  • Using the previous example, click on one of the articles focused on how police officers can positively manage high-stress interactions.
  • Review the Subject Terms inside the article record
  • These are hyperlinked to more articles on your topic, and can help narrow your search.



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