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MCST 2010: Media Industries


Greetings! I'm honored to be your personal librarian for MCST 2010.  

I can help you pick a topic, find articles, or answer any other question.  Seriously.  I got you!

Stressing out over the textbook?  No worries!  Ask if we have copies on reserve at the library.

I share office hours with an awesome team of librarians, so if you'd like some one-on-one help click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you We're here for you!

Sarah Naomi Campbell| | 401-598-5019

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Research/Creative Project: Branded Media

For this assignment you will compose a 6-8 page analysis of the branding strategies for a media product or source.

Specifically, you will look at the ways in which this entity constructs and maintains a coherent sense of brand identity, making sure to include the way it leverages online resources (i.e. a companion website, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) as part of this branding strategy.

You will also create your own additional branding strategy for the media product you are discussing.


  1. Choose your media
  2. Define Target audience
    1. Visit MarketResearch
    2. Search for your demographic, such as Generation Z: Demographic Patters and Spending Trends
    3. Explore Databases such as SRDS, or MRI+ for Demographic Information
  3. Offer a critical assessment of who this outlet serves, who it leaves out, and what the social consequences might be. Your analysis should be supported by additional research within the popular press and trade journals.Try to find out what industry journalists & professionals have had to say about your media product/outlet’s branding strategies, and incorporate this into your own analysis.You should also make reference to at least two of the readings on media branding (Turow, Jenkins, Henderson and Kessler) to support your claims.
    1. Visit the Library tab through JWULink and explore the Articles tab
    2. Click Trade Publications on the left hand side to limit to Trade, click Full Text to read online.
    3. Explore Richard K Miller on Entertainment/Media for more industry research on Entertainment/Media.

Did you know you can copy and paste citations if you use the library's databases?

1. Save time -  look for the "Cite" Button or " " icon.

2. Scroll to the style you need (MLA, APA)

3. Copy and paste the full citation into your paper

Ta Da!  You're done!  Well, almost.  Sometimes weird formatting issues happen, so always double check your work.



Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations?  Use the OWL It's super easy, and totally simple. This is also a really good time to make an appointment with a writing tutor to make sure your paper is totally perfect and all your citations are good to go.