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Greetings! I'm honored to be your personal librarian for RTL1010. 

I can help you pick a topic, find articles, or answer any other question.  Seriously.  I got you

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Final Project Outline

Please include the following in your final presentation slides:

  1. Select a brick and mortar store OR a boutique
  • Name five vital areas or departments in your store that you studied from this course.  (Use either pictures or words to locate these departments on your floor plan.)
  1. Select a fashion designer’s line of clothing to your add to your store or boutique or select an exclusive/original line of clothing
    • Style New York Times: Money, fashion, beauty, love, social change, death. Plus cute animals. Includes "On the Runway" section.
    • Style Boston Globe: Style section from the Boston Globe.
    • Search the Library's databases by using the name of the designer and then clicking Full Text and search.  Check the Subject Terms on the left hand side for more inspiration on how to refine the topic.  For example:  Alexander McQueen
    • Pro-Tip: Look for Full Text and other limiters, such as Print books, Ebooks, or Articles.
    • Search WGSN (World Global Style Network)
      •  IMPORTANT: You MUST create a FREE account and RENEW it every 90 days (every 3 months) in order to access the FASHION content and link to special features. FIRST-TIME USERS: Use this url to create a new pass-worded account with your JWU email address; or (this becomes your WGSN username). Agree to the terms & conditions online! RETURNING USERS: Use this same url to renew or reactivate an expired account. If you forgot your login, use the Forgot password? link to reset your password. If your account is current, you can go directly to and log in with your jwu email address (username) & password from anywhere. Use the briefcase/workspace icon on right side of the black menu bar to set up your project folders. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST SAVE YOUR PROJECT FOLDERS ONTO YOUR PERSONAL USB flashdrives, otherwise they will be deleted from University computers at night.
    • Women's Wear Daily 
      • Access to all WWD online articles and images, including archived content, for a maximum of 20 concurrent users. Key trends & news worldwide in women's and men's fashion, beauty, footwear, merchandising and the retail industries are updated daily! Photos of runway shows, trade shows, fashion shoots, red carpet events, and new products. Use the "Business" tab for the latest financial, legal, and government/trade news about these industries. See the "Markets" tab for analyses of ready-to-wear, sportswear, designer/luxury, textiles/apparel technology reports, and more. The "Media" tab shows you how the latest beauty, fashion, and retail news is covered by the advertising, film/TV, marketing, and publishing industries.
  • (View the most current runway shows on YouTube 2018/2019 (fall season) for ideas)
  1. Choose a location for the store and a picture of the entrance of the store
  • What competitors are located nearby (Name the Competitors, or Use Store Logo’s) (If you prefer, use a mall location with which you are familiar)   You can also find this information via the SWOT analysis, or using  Companies with Similar Revenue under Business Insights
  1. Be sure to include your Target Market
  • Age and gender of customer
  • Income
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Other
    • Explore SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)
      • Advertising costs and consumer lifestyles: What would it cost to advertise your business or service in magazines, newspapers, radio, television, outdoor billboards, or websites? Find ad rates, circulation figures, audience demographics, and contact info. for publishers/sales. Do you need to identify consumer spending behavior in potential market areas? What do people spend their money on? Access most of the report titles including Business Publication Media, Consumer Magazine Media, Direct Marketing, Digital Networks & Tech, Digital Websites, International Media Guides, Local Media, Newspaper Media, Out-of-Home Media, Print Media Production, Radio Media, TV & Cable Media. NOTE: A padlock icon means the library is not subscribed. NOTE: To access Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions: Click on the green login button. No additional credentials are required. Allow time for the reports to load.
  1. Buy the following items for your store from your selected fashion designer:
  • Select 3-5 looks for fall
  • Select one additional look for holiday
  • Select one fad, one fashion trend, and one classic
  • Using the 4-5-4 retail calendar, indicate delivery date of products


  1. The above fashion looks will be the focal point of your power point
  • Price each of the item (Retail price)
  • Select 5 sizes for each piece of clothing/ 3 Colors for other products
  • Is the Item a Private Label (exclusive) brand or is it created by a Fashion Designer?
  • Are you planning to purchase this item made from organic material?
  1.  What are your Promotional strategies?
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Advertising
  • Special Events
  • Publicity
  • Social Media

Outline of Power Point Slides

  1. 10 – 14 power point slides total
  2. Include a cover page with your name/s and the name of company/store or designer
  • Fashion designer requires one separate slide describing his/her background
  • Don't forget to add a citation page at the end of the power point


Preparation for Final Presentation

  1. As a group, plan to practice your presentation at the podium either during class or in the computer lab.
  2.  Be sure to learn how to operate the podium properly.  Do not wait until presentation day.
  3. Do not read from the screen; please use index cards.
  4. Discuss who will be presenting first, second, third, etc.
  5. Remember, practice your presentation.  For every minute you speak, rehearse for one hour.





Start by looking for the NAICS code for your company.

Example:  Zara

  1. Google NAICS + name of your company OR use the SC link below to search by name.
  2. Enter NAICS code in IBISWorld to see a snapshot of the industry, as it relates to your company.
  3. Visit WGSN to see in-depth information on fashion forecasts, and industry research
  4. Look for the Workspace icon and search using tabs based on gender, geography, season, type of fashion, etc.
  5. Click "i" symbol for information needed to cite your source
  6. Add to folder to save for ongoing projects
  7. Look for the Download icon on the right to save photos for presentations.


Enter keyword for your industry, such as Textile.

Best Practices for Citing Sources in Presentations

Why do I need to cite my sources in a presentation?
• Credible sources show that you have done your research and reinforce your own credibility.
• Giving credit to your sources links you to an ongoing scholarly conversation. By identifying where you got your ideas, you enable your own readers to find the sources that you used if they want to learn more.
• JWU's Academic Honesty Policy lists plagiarism as a violation of University policy, as well as one of personal integrity.

How do I cite my sources in a visual presentation?
• Include a citation for any content, quotes, or ideas from another source. The citation should be located either next to the information or below it.
• Cite in the text and provide a list of citations at the end.

Citing Images from WGSN

Image label (If including image in your written work):

Fig. 1 Gender Neutral Figure in Denim. (WGSN Denim Team, [Sept. 2018]).

In the text:

WGSN Denim Team [Sept. 2018].

In your list of figures or references (omit figure number if you haven't included the image in your assignment)

Figure 1. WGSN Denim Team. [Sept. 2018] Gender Neutral Figure in Denim. WGSN. [Online image]. available from