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RTL 1020


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Develop a Design Brief for Spring/Summer 2020

Select a designer to research to embody the Vsco girl.  The vsco target market is 12-24 years old.  Your team assignment includes developing a design guide identifying a Vso girl seasonal trend for Spring 2020 (using WGSN databases) . YouTube vidos and articles are posted on Ulearn explaining the Vsco girl lifestyle and some popular brands targeting this teen/young adult.

Example: Do vsco girls buy jeans more or less than the regular population?

Log into MRI+ > Reports, Choose Spring 2018 > click Apparel & Accessories > Women's Clothing > Low ticket items bought - Jeans in last 12 months - Any.

Women = 175, which means women are 75% more likely than men to purchase jeans in the last year.

18-24  = 109, which means this age group are 9% more likely than the average to purchase jeans in the last year.


Research the approved designer with your team, select a trend, write and design your paper to include the following sections:

  • Design Inspiration – what is the mood of the season, designer?  WGSN "Denim Forecast S/S 20: Empower Up!"
  • Target market description including consumer research (MRI+, Market Research Report: Gen Z)  
  • Plan the line; visuals – Sketches (hand, computer and/or technical)
  • Trends – develop complementary trends to help sell your designer’s spring collection. This should include trims and materials, color, overall sources of inspiration
  • Identify how this will be sourced and priced
  • Citations use MLA minimum of 10 sources
  • Final Presentation

Due: Week 10, Monday (project, single sided, color copy)

Citing Images 

Image label (If including image in your written work):

Fig. 1 New York Sunshine. (WGSN Denim Team, [Sept. 2018]).

In the text:

WGSN Denim Team [Sept. 2018].

In your list of figures or references (omit figure number if you haven't included the image in your assignment)

Figure 1. WGSN Denim Team. [Sept. 2018] New York Sunshine. WGSN. Denim Forecast S/S 20: Empower Up! [Online image]. available from

Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations?  Use the OWL It's super easy, and totally simple. This is also a really good time to make an appointment with a writing tutor to make sure your paper is perfect and all your citations are good to go.


Using Google can be really helpful when you're doing research, especially if you use these quick tips!

1. Change the "Domain"​

  • Looking for Government information?  Use .gov in your search
    • If you search "Statistics on the economy" site:gov, you'll find government sites focusing on the economy, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Looking for Education resources?  Use .edu in your search
    • If you search "statistics on the economy" site:edu, you'll find academic sites focusing on the economy, such as articles from colleges and universities.
  • Looking for Non-Profit research?  Use .org in your search
    • If you search "statistics on the economy" site:org, you'll find non-profit sites focusing on the economy, such as the United Nations Statistics division.

​2. Put your search in "Quotes"

  • If you're searching for more than one word, use quotes to search as a phrase.
    • ​EX:  "Student Loans"

3. Google Scholar

  • A Google Scholar search will bring you lots of academic results, and it is a great place to start.  
    • If you can't read the articles online, let us know and we'll find the Full Text for you!

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