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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out the library. We are here to help you with any question, but specifically, we are experts in finding and using information. If you are working on a research project and run into any issues or questions, we are here to help! Our homepage is a great place to get started on your research; we do know it can be a bit confusing at first, so please ask us as many questions as you want.

I share office hours with an awesome team of librarians, so if you'd like some one-on-one help click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you We're here for you!

Jenny Castel |  |  401-598-6577

Did you know you can also chat or text with one of our on-duty librarians?  It's anonymous, free, and super fast!

Did you know you can copy and paste citations if you use the library's databases? Some of them have this function, but some of the databases do not. 

1. Save time -  look for the "Cite" Button or " " icon

2. Scroll to the style you need (MLA, APA)

3. Copy and paste the full citation into your paper

4. double check your work.



Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations?  Use the OWL

Check out the guide put together by the JWU librarians about citing sources in the MLA style:

MLA Manual Libguide