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IBUS 2033

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Country information

Global Road Warrior
  • In-depth country overviews with a focus on
    • cultural, social, and business norms
  • Includes
    • country geo statistics, facts, maps, photos, and recipes



-  Statistics, market studies & reports for over 600 international industries, 37 countries, and 60,000 wide-ranging topics

- Company and industry reports



- industry research for over 700 US industries

- research on hundreds of international industries

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to navigate and access global industry data and reports


Database Share Out

Open this Google Doc
1. Break into groups. Enter your names next to the group.
2. Each group will search the four databases listed below. 
3. Choose one person in your group to search one database (unless there are not enough people, then each of you may need to search multiple databases. 
  • Choose one person in your group to share out if we have time. 

4. Once in the database, find at least one report/article that you may use for an upcoming assignment. 

5. Answer the questions. 



Google Doc