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Greetings from your librarian for this course! I can help you find market and media research and data, or answer any other question.  

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You are not alone! The librarians are here to help you find information and navigate these databases!

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Simmons Insights

What can I find in this database?

- Demographic and other information about consumers who use the Weather Channel (and similar) apps.

- Segmentation for who is most likely to use The Weather Channel app on a variety of different devices.

- Can create cross tab reports about The Weather Channel app users and any other variable (do they like butter, do they shop on Amazon and if so, how often, do they trust websites with their private/personal information etc.)

Using Simmons Insights

Step 1: Open the database from the link above.

Step 2: Choose "Quick Reports" from "Essentials."

Step 3: Type your in your target in the search area (this is the brand/product/behavior/interest or belief for which you'd like to see demographic or segment information)

Step 4: Narrow your search by choosing a category (beverages, non-alcholic; food, general; shopping; etc.)

Step 5: Choose either the demographics report or segmentation report (see .GIF)

Step 6: Once you've chosen your target click the target icon and then the arrow (run analysis)

Step 7: (not shown in GIF) To access additional quick reports, make sure to select "Spring Simmons 2017 Connect"

Need help searching the databases? Check out our Library Help Docs for step-by-step information.

You are not alone! The librarians are here to help you find information and navigate these databases!

Click on the chat box below for quick help!


Databases where you can find market and media research (demographics, market trends, etc.):

NOTE: You are not alone! If you get lost please contact the library/librarians! We are here to help you!

Need to find target audience and segment information? Once you know who your target audience and segment, is SRDS Claritas 360 can help you find more information about your segment. 


*NOTE* SRDS works best in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Do not use it in Safari. 

Claritas 360 is a software within SRDS that provides the PRIZM Premier Segments and quite a few awesome reports that will provide with information about target audience, segment information, and their likely behaviors, interests, demographic, and geographic locations. 

[SRDS (and Claritas 360, accessible and available within SRDS) is excellent for direct marketing, media planning, and for helping you understand the needs and behaviors of your target segment. 

SRDS cannot tell you who your target audience is (go to MRI+ for that). ]

To access Claritas 360:

Step 1: click on the blue SRDS link above.

Step 2: once on the Kantar Media/SRDS database home page, search across the top for "Claritas 360"  and click (highlighted below).

Step 3: click on the button that says "Log in to Claritas 360" (highlighted below). 

*Note: you are already logged in- see in the photo above it says "log out." You do not need to actually log in because you are accessing the database through the library log in. 

Step 4: Choose your report. 

Which Reports Do I Use? 

Help Docs to help you understand the reports in Claritas 360 and what they mean:





If you use the library's databases for your research, you can copy and paste pre-generated citations - look out for the option as it may appear differently in each interface but is generally represented by an icon of quotation marks.


If you need to cite a resource not located in a database, I recommend using the OWL as a reference. Alternatively, reach out to me for help with citations!

MLA Sample Paper

MLA Format Template