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ENG 1021 (Spring 2021)

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Finding and Understanding Scholarly Sources 

Scenario: You have to write a short research paper for English 1021. Your professor requires that at least two of the articles you include in your works cited are scholarly.

Consider: What does scholarly mean? What makes a source scholarly? Why is your professor even requiring scholarly sources? How do you find a scholarly source and then read it?




Key terms for this activity:



Claim, argument, or research question

Literature Review







Find Your Group Number on the Google doc below for your class time and write the name of each person in your group!

Google Doc 

  1. Each group has been provided with a sample research question and keywords and a sample scholarly article or original research article.

  2. Skim headings of the article (ex. Introduction, Literature review)

  3. Identify a claim or research question (Hint: look in Abstract!)

  4. Identify the findings (Hint: Look in discussion/conclusion) 

  5. Find one quote from an older article mentioned in the introduction or literature review

  6. (If there is one) Methodology: Identify a group studied

  7. Share out to the rest of the class

Looking for sources for a research paper or essay?

Through the library you have access to databases with articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines, as well as statistics

and reports full of data to support your claim. 

Click on the links below (in blue) to begin your search in the database that's right for your information needs!


Academic Search Complete

  • full-text articles from over 8,600 journal titles covering topics in such areas as Animal & Veterinary Science, Area Studies (country info.), Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Engineering, Ethnic & Multicultural Studies, Food Science & Technology, Humanities, Law, Literature, Psychology, Religion, Science, and more. 
  • Once you open the link above, enter in your basic search terms, such as "Texting while Driving"
  • Limit to Full Text, so you can read articles online

CQ Researcher

  • In-depth reporting and analysis on issues in the news.
  • Covers the economy, education, the environment, criminal justice, health, international affairs, social trends, technology, and other important issues.
  • Tip: Hover over the "Browse Topics" menu item once you've opened the database from the link above. 
  • Tip: Look for the button to cite the report in the MLA style!

Opposing Viewpoints

  • Support your point of view on a controversial issue with facts and statistics from primary and government documents, photos, and magazine & newspaper articles which have already argued your case.

  • Tip: Not sure of your topic yet? Once you've clicked on the link above, click on "Browse Issues" and search through the topics listed there to find one that speaks to you!

  • Tip: Look for the icon to generate an MLA style citation to add to your works cited!


  • Statistics, market studies & reports for over 600 international industries, 37 countries, and 60,000 wide-ranging topics! 
  • Enter your own search terms or browse data reports listed under these links: Categories, Key Topics, Popular Statistics, and Recent Statistics.
  • Tip: Search by keyword or phrase.
  • Tip: Download charts or graphs to add to your visual aid! 
  • Tip: Look for the icon to generate an MLA style citation to add to your works cited!

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The JWU library has two style guides: 

MLA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

However, if you need more in depth guidance on formatting go to the Purdue OWL

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