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Library Research and Help

Greetings from the library!

I am happy to be your librarian for this course. If you'd like some one-on-one help finding market and demographic research, company or industry profiles, global industry and data, or any other information/dataclick here to book an appointment. Also, feel free to email me direct:


You can also chat or text with one of our on-duty librarians.  

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Global Road Warrior

  • In-depth country overviews with a focus on cultural, social, and business norms.
  • Includes country geo statistics, facts, maps, photos, and recipes.
  • Supports cultural competence development for international travel and assignments.



  • Statistics, market studies & reports for over 600 international industries, 37 countries, and 60,000 wide-ranging topics!
  • Enter your own search terms or browse data reports 
  • NOTE: Click through any security certificate warnings & pop-up blockers that may appear in order to proceed to the Statista website and display all content.


Brand Catalyst

  • "Predictive consumer segmentation and brand strategy tool": find out info about how likely a consumer is to purchase a brand, or engage in a behavior
  • Who is the consumer for a brand: what other brands do they like, what do they believe in/what's important to them
  • Helps to define brand identity
  • If you are familiar with MRI+, Brand Catalyst is the "new" MRI+.

Please view the following tutorial to learn how to navigate Brand Catalyst (accessed through Simmons Insights)



RKMA Market Research Handbooks

eBooks (large downloadbale PDFs) on

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Media & Advertising
  • Health Care
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Leisure Market
  • Restaurant & Food Service
  • Retail Business
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism 

Market Research 

  • Industry reports
  • demographics
  • market trends
  • forecasts
  • analysis of major brands, new products
  • consumer trends & buyer behavior in 
    • Food & Beverage,
    • Food Service & Hospitality
    • Retailing
    • Technology & Media
    •  Travel & Leisure.



  • industry research for over 700 US industries

  • research on hundreds of international industries

  • Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to navigate and access global industry data and reports

First Research 

  • 80+ in-depth industry profiles and 900 smaller industry segments. 
  • Overview of business challenges, trends, industry opportunities.
  • NOTE: You must click through 3 pages (2 "Continue" and 1 "Submit" page) before reaching the "Search for Industry and Geographic Profiles" main page.

Business Source Complete

  • Search by company (click on the "Company Profiles" section under the "Browse" menu)
    • Company profiles, narratives
    • SWOT analyses
    • Company acquisitions, brand and product introductions and development
  • Search by topic (for example, "Business ethics of Nike" or "Consumer trends impacted by COVID")




Find consumer, company, and brand or product profiles/reports (also called "dossiers")


MLA Style Guide

If you need more in depth guidance on formatting go to the Purdue OWL

Need to talk to someone and seek guidance in real time?

  • Schedule an appointment with the writing coach through uSucceed.