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Greetings! I'm honored to be your librarian for this course: I can help you find information and answer your questions, .  

I share office hours with an awesome team of librarians, so if you'd like some one-on-one help click here to book an appointment or let me know a time that works for you We're here for you!

Jenny Castel |  |  401-598-1887

Did you know you can also chat or text with one of our on-duty librarians?  It's anonymous, free, and super fast!


For industry information and information about large publicly traded companies:

Did you know you can copy and paste citations if you use the library's databases?

1. Save time -  look for the "Cite" Button or " " icon.

2. Scroll to the style you need (MLA, APA)

3. Copy and paste the full citation into your paper

Ta Da!  You're done!  Well, almost.  Sometimes weird formatting issues happen, so always double check your work.


Need help with in-text citations or more complicated citations?  Use the OWL It's super easy, and totally simple.

This is also a really good time to make an appointment with a writing tutor to make sure your paper is totally perfect and all your citations are good to go.


Learn a Database, Teach a Database Activity 

- Break into your teams

- Work together to learn how to navigate your assigned database and answer the questions on side 1 of the worksheet

- Teach the rest of the class how to navigate the database, what kind of information you will find in the database, and how to cite it!

Some information you may need to search the databases effectively:
NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
Team 1 

Global Road Warrior

Team 2

Business Source Complete

Team 3

Business Insights Global

Team 4


Team 5

First Research 


Did you know you can search for a person on a specific site in Google?

For example, if you type:


your results will show all the articles about Beyonce in the New York Times



You can also search for a person as a subject in the EBSCO databases!