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Greetings from your librarian for ADC1010! I can help you find market and media research and data, or answer any other question.  

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For links to the databases and reports on how to navigate them and find the information you need, go to the next tab to the right "Databases"

Start with:

1. MRI+ Internet Reporter:

Market studies containing consumer demographics are used to describe the readers, viewers, or listeners of various media such as magazines, TV, radio, and Websites.

2. SRDS- Standard Rates and Delivery Services:

What would it cost to advertise your business or service in magazines, newspapers, radio, television, or websites? 


  • Ad Rates
  • Circulation figures
  • Demographics of your targeted audience
  • Contact information for publishers/sales
  • Submission requirements


Reports containing:

  • Demographics
  • Market trends
  • Growth & shares
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis of major brands
  • New product introduction trends
  • Consumer trends & buyer behavior

4. Richard K. Miller E-Books on:


  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Media & Advertising
  • Health Care
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Leisure Market
  • Restaurant & Food Service
  • Retail Business
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism

SRDS (and Claritas 360, accessible and available within SRDS) is excellent for direct marketing, media planning, and for helping you understand the needs and behaviors of your target segment. 

SRDS cannot tell you who your target audience is (go to MRI+ for that). 

You have to know who you are looking for

Claritas 360 can help you find the consumer behaviors of your market, the demographics of your market, and where they are located or if there is an opportunity in a specific location based on consumer and segment behavior data. 

**Tech Tip: SRDS and the Claritas 360 platform do not work well in Safari. If possible, use Firefox or Chrome**

Which Reports Do I Use? 

Help Docs to help you understand the reports in Claritas 360 and what they mean:

Need help searching the databases? Check out our Library Help Docs for step-by-step information.

For segment narratives collected and analyzed from US Census Bureau and the Neilson Media Study data , check out PRIZM Segment Narratives

Databases where you can find market research (demographics, market trends, etc.):


Databases where you can find company and industry information (financials, SWOT analysis, profiles): 

If you use the library's databases for your research, you can copy and paste pre-generated citations - look out for the option as it may appear differently in each interface but is generally represented by an icon of quotation marks.


If you need to cite a resource not located in a database, I recommend using the OWL as a reference. Alternatively, reach out to me for help with citations!

MLA Sample Paper

MLA Format Template