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ENG 1021 (CLP Wynn/Amaechi Spring 2023)



Welcome back! 

I am so happy to be your librarian for ENG1021. 

I can help you with library research or answer any other question. Seriously. Any question!

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You may be able to find supporting information for your debate in one of these four library databases:

CQ Researcher Online

Opposing Viewpoints

Business Source Complete

The Wall Street Journal


Google Doc

Group Topics

The effect of motivation on employee productivity

The effect of the work environment on employee performance

The impact of compensation and reward system on the performance of an organization

 The impact of training and development on employee retention

 The impact of teamwork on organizational productivity


Open this Google Slides

Use these databases: 

Academic Search Complete 

Business Source Complete 

Sage Journals Online

Wall Street Journal


Finding and Understanding Scholarly Sources 


Scenario: You have to write a short research paper for English 1021. Your professor requires that at least two of the articles you include in your works cited are scholarly.


Consider: What does scholarly mean? What makes a source scholarly? Why is your professor even requiring scholarly sources? How do you find a scholarly source and then read it?





Find Your Group Number on the Google Doc  below for your class time and write the name of each person in your group!

  1. Each group has been provided with a sample research question and keywords and a sample scholarly article or original research article.

  2. Skim headings of the article (ex. Introduction, Literature review)

  3. Identify a claim or research question (Hint: look in Abstract!)

  4. Identify the findings (Hint: Look in discussion/conclusion) 

  5. Find one quote from an older article mentioned in the introduction or literature review

  6. (If there is one) Methodology: Identify a group studied

  7. Share out to the rest of the class 

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