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Final Project_Feasibility Study Assignment & Rubric

Final Project_Feasibility Study Assignment & Rubric

Student Instructions: You are to complete a feasibility study as a group. This feasibility study assignment will be completed on your chosen business idea (please see the groups on ulearn to learn more). Your feasibility study should not be less than 10 pages or more than 12 pages. To complete this assignment, you will need to do the following:

Need Identification

  • Describe why there is a need for your business to exist

Venture (business Idea) Description and Relationship to the surrounding geographical area

  • Have a clear, concise description of your venture
  • Describe the type and quality of the product(s) or service(s) to be marketed, including location
  • Outline the economic and social impact on local communities.
  • Describe the environmental impact (if any) on the surrounding area.


Industry or marketplace description

  • Describe the size and scope of the industry, market, or market segment(s).
  • Describe the nature of the industry and market. Is it stable or going through rapid change and restructuring?
  • Identify the industry's life cycle and market, i.e., is it emerging, growing, mature, declining?

Industry competitiveness

  • Describe the major competitors? Will you compete directly against them?
  • Analyze the barriers to entry of new competitors into the market or industry. Can new competitors enter easily?
  • Describe the price competitiveness of your product or service.

Revenue Model

  • Outline the general business model (i.e., how the business will make money).
  • Describe your revenue model in terms of the revenue streams
  • Examine your cost model and determine the key drivers of your costs
  • Provide a simple income statement (review fig 9.2 (financial projections) in our textbook for more information)

Startup Requirements

  • Identify the resources needed to start your business (i.e., capital, human resources, equipment, etc.)
  • What is absolutely essential before a sale can be made?
  • What don’t you have but need?


  • Names, positions, and a brief description (including qualifications) of all your group members and others identified under the “startup requirement” section.


  • Based on the analysis laid out in the feasibility study, do you want to move forward with your business idea? Why? Why not?

Creating a Target or Buyer Persona using Brand Catalyst


Break into your groups
Open Brand Catalyst
Google Doc



Brand Catalyst

  • Who is your target market?
  • "Predictive consumer segmentation and brand strategy tool": find out info about how likely a consumer is to purchase a brand, or engage in a behavior
  • Helps to define brand identity
  • If you are familiar with MRI+, Brand Catalyst is the "new" MRI+.

Please view the following tutorial to learn how to navigate Brand Catalyst (accessed through Simmons Insights)


RKMA Market Research Handbooks

eBooks (large downloadable PDFs) on

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Media & Advertising
  • Health Care
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Leisure Market
  • Restaurant & Food Service
  • Retail Business
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism 

 Find company information such as financials, SWOT analyses, profiles, and more...


Academic Search Complete

  • Use Academic Search to search for articles on almost any topic, from marketing to business, company profiles, and the social impacts of advertising.
  • Click Full Text on the left so you can read articles online.

Business Source Complete 

(navigates the same as Academic Search Complete)

  • Use Business Search to find articles and case studies on business topics.




  • industry research for over 700 US industries

  • research on hundreds of international industries

  • Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to navigate and access global industry data and reports

First Research 

  • 80+ in-depth industry profiles and 900 smaller industry segments. 
  • Overview of business challenges, trends, industry opportunities.
  • NOTE: You must click through 3 pages (2 "Continue" and 1 "Submit" page) before reaching the "Search for Industry and Geographic Profiles" main page.

JWU library has two style guides: 

MLA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

However, if you need more in depth guidance on formatting go to the Purdue OWL

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MLA Tips from Scribbr

Citing sources with no author: Scribbr 
For sources with no named author, the in-text citation must match the first element of the Works Cited entry. This may be the name of an organization, or the title of the source.

If the source title or organization name is longer than four words, shorten it to the first word or phrase in the in-text citation, excluding any articles (a, an, and the). The shortened title or organization name should begin with the word the source is alphabetized by in the Works Cited.

Follow the general MLA rules for formatting titles: If the source is a self-contained work (e.g. a whole website or an entire book), put the title in italics; if the source is contained within a larger whole (e.g. a page on a website or a chapter of a book), put the title in quotation marks.

IBISWorld: Citations 

First Research Mergent: Citations 




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